Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Thought

Ok I was thinking how funny it is today that numerous times I have talked about wanting to become a writer, maybe write about some of the hilarity that happens at my office (you know, the stuff I can't remember to post by the time I get home at the end of the day?) anyways, as much as I think that could be a great career, it would definitely be hampered by the fact that I hate writing. More than anything. If I could be a professional reader, (keep in mind, book reviewers have to write at some point) then I would be in heaven. I could blog surf all day for sure but when it comes time to work on mine, I got nothing! So I had a thought today, maybe I can start doing 365 days of the best quote I heard all day. Between the office, my husband and well, the office, I will definitely have material. Plus, I will only have to remember one quote- should be cake!

So, without further delay, this one comes from a sales guy/owner of my company:

"We are really wasting time trying to get a purchase order before we start working, this customer really just wants us to bill them after we finish the work" to which I wish I could say "dear mortgage company, I really think you are wasting your time trying to get money from me. please contact me again after I have lived here for a while and see if I feel like paying at that point."

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I keep starting to post and then get distracted with...(you'll never believe it) homework! Amazingly, while my awesome husband is busy re-doing our laundry room, I do believe I have done more homework this week than I have all semester. Weird... Although, as my honey pointed out, he has done more work this week than he has since we bought the house two years ago. Hmm...
Anyways, can't wait for my new washer and dryer (ok at this point I would take any washer and dryer that worked) and my beautiful laundry room!! Also can't wait for tomorrow to be over, we have Good Friday off and I am going to do some shopping! I haven't actually bought anything with my Christmas gift cards and we are heading to the nearest "big city" (as a Denver girl born and raised, I never thought I would have to go to the city to find a large mall!!) to find a dress for a friend's daughter's eight grade graduation. Can't wait!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tasty Tuesday

I never knew how much time one could really spend online until I started blog-xploring (?). I love it! I have found so many new blogs to follow, really I could do that instead of posting. Much more interesting! Maybe I will pick up a few pointers, who knows! Anyways, I love the idea of sharing recipes, I was so impressed with this one (we cooked it for Sunday dinner and I have had it for lunch every day since) that I had to share. It really is delicious and EASY! So I don't know how to properly quote a recipe, this is from Good Eats, Alton Brown's show on Food Network (side note, how did I get so lucky to marry a man who is definitely the best cook I know, hands down and loves to try every food network recipe imaginable?) Anyways, all credit goes to Alton...this is from the "Casserole Over" episode with a few minor changes noted:


  • 1/2 cup (light) mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup plain (light) yogurt
  • 1 1/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1/3 cup blue cheese dressing
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
  • Flavor Pack from Ramen (We used Oriental flavor, they were yummy!)
  • 6 cups broccoli, peeled stems and heads, chopped and blanched in salted water the (broccoli cooks and keeps good flavor in the casserole and we did not take the time to blanch it)
  • 12 (we used 6 oz) ounces sliced mushrooms, Sauteed in 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 package chicken flavored Ramen noodles, broken up (We used Oriental flavor, just as delicious)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a bowl combine mayonnaise, yogurt, cheddar cheese, blue cheese dressing, eggs, salt, pepper, and flavor pack from noodles. In a separate bowl combine broccoli, mushrooms, and broken noodles then toss together wet mixture and vegetables to evenly coat. Place in an 8 by 8-inch baking dish that has been sprayed with non- stick cooking spray and cook for 45 minutes covered. Then remove cover and bake for additional 15 minutes to brown. (Sprinkle a handful of cheddar over the top) Cool for 15 minutes before serving.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's funny, when I started my blog I thought about all the hilarious things that happen at work and at home too (ok, I thought it was hilarious when I accidentally burned the top of our coffee table because I didn't put enough towels under my clothes...hubby maybe not so much as hilarious as I thought it was!) anyway, I thought I would have so much to write about, yet I never seemed to have anything interesting to say, so I just didn't! I have really been trying to keep up with it this go round, still nothing interesting to report, I just feel more accomplished for doing it! Plus, it is much better than homework and really there are only so many times you can refresh Facebook.

So, where we are at now is a torn up laundry room (we ordered a washer and dryer 4 months ago, they are FINALLY here and our weekend was packed so my sweet husband decided to tear out the entire laundry room yesterday and hope for the best! Of course, Easter is next weekend so I don't see that as a big disaster, NOT AT ALL! ~ It is Not Me Monday, isn't it?), three weeks from the end of spring semester (and I did NOT wait until the last minute to start on my group projects, not me!) we are still in limbo with our foster licensing and I have a daily debate about whether it is time to start planning a family or not so much. I have stopped having the debate with my husband because I am SO EXCELLENT at arguing both sides, he ends up telling me to do whatever I want just so he doesn't have to hear it any more! Also, I bought a book on eBay that I haven't been able to find anywhere else and am really excited for it to arrive. Really, a thrill a minute around here!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

To have or not to have...

So we just got home from a friend's christening which was all the more precious because they have been trying to conceive for 16 years and finally had a beautiful baby boy in December. Anyways, it is so hard to be around all the babies and not think maybe it is time to start trying...but then as I am setting out the trays and trays of food on burners just before guests come in from the ceremony, 3 boys come running in and begin sticking their fingers in EVERY DISH. Ahhh!! I see the look on my husbands face and think- maybe not so much ready!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Common Sense...

Although the majority of my inspiration to return to blogging was MckMama and all the wonderful blogs I have found through her link, I saw one post in particular where someone had decided to “blog a day” for thirty days and she talked about how therapeutic it was. That sounds excellent right about now! I love my job because there is always something new happening…and I hate my job because there is always something new happening! The same rules never apply twice and you can ask three different people for a solution and get three different answers- not exactly the way my type A personality works! This is especially fun at the end of the month, nothing like the mad dash for revenue and the inevitable problems that arise from the mad dash to cram twice the work in at the last minute. I just had to highlight my favorite conversation for the day so far (it isnt even noon yet…) and see if it made more sense on paper!

Test floor supervisor: Your lots for customer X aren’t going to ship today.

Me: Ok, why not? This is an expedite that they paid extra for…what happened?

TFS: The chamber didn’t get to temperature.

Me: Ok, we still have 8 hours and this should take 5 hours in the chamber, what am I missing?

TFS: Ok we will put it in.

30 minutes later

TFS: Your lots for customer X aren’t going to ship today.

Me: What happened now.

TFS: The chamber still didn’t get to temperature. It’s because there is too much weight in it.

Me: Ok, still 7.5 hours in the day, can we split the groups up to get less weight and get partial shipments out?


30 minutes later

TFS: We don’t have anyone to inspect these after they come out of the chamber.

Me: Ok

Me in my head: and so is this a new issue or???? Did we not know that until now? Because why did we waste an hour with the chamber if we didn’t have anyone to inspect….ARRRGGHHHH.

Turns out that was NOT the most frustrating moment of the day…but since I completely forgot about my blog until today as I am checking email on my way out the door, I am going to call it the end of the month rush and hope for better things today!!