Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's going on with me...

Well, let me just tell you! If you follow me on twitter (I think the few people that read my blog do indeed follow me!) than you know I have had some health issues recently and have made multiple trips to the doctor. So, here’s the rundown. Oh, and if you don’t want TMI about me, you should probably stop reading here.

So that was fair warning. Issue one is the abnormal pap’s that I have had with no indication of any underlying issue. No STD, no HPV, nothing. Although my cells are coming back as high grade abnormal (the stop before cancer cells) my doctor is not concerned. It does concern me because I have come back increasingly worse since my first bad test almost a year ago. My doctor believes that I will either get worse or get better and that I should just check in every three months until I do. As non-comforting as that is, it is what it is!

So, issue two. Apparently normal people’s progesterone is in the 40-50 range. Low is considered 10-20. Mine is 2.3. So, according to my doctor, I have something going on. However, what is going on is anybody’s guess. She said it is entirely possible that I never ovulated or do so sporadically and that could just be how I have always been but this has been masked by the birth control pills. She tested my insulin (normal), glucose (normal), thyroid (normal), white blood cells (normal) and a whole list of other stuff I can’t recall. What that all means: I don’t have PCOS (very common), she doesn’t believe that I have potential for ovarian cancer (very vague but hopeful?!?!?) and what I do have is …again…anybody’s guess. Unfortunately because of this I have very severe PMS-like symptoms for 3-4 weeks of my cycle featuring knock-down cramps, horrid nausea, just an all around awful time. Since all of this adds up to about one week of feeling NOT crappy and because me not ovulating can lead to cysts, ovarian issues and/or infertility, my doctor has prescribed clomid for me to start at the beginning of the next cycle. Let me tell you, there is NOTHING in the world like hearing you may not ever be able to conceive. It truly was not a great week for me and I am still struggling. I pray that after this first cycle I will know more. My doc plans to give me three cycles, starting at the lowest dose, and then upping it by 50mg until I either ovulate or I don’t. If I don’t, the next step is a MRI to check my tubes and ovaries. Hopefully we don’t have to go that far. My doctor suggested Jerad and I prepare either way, so it sounds like by her estimations it could go either way.

So, that’s where things are at! Thanks for checking in friends, your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated!

PS: One day soon I will update my blog. I only typed this all out because it was too much to tweet. Really, one day I will get around to it!