Monday, March 30, 2009

My first Not Me Monday!

I just have to start by saying I was so inspired reading all of the wonderful blogs this week through MckMama’s blog, that I did NOT start my Not Me Monday by going back to my New Year’s Resolution to work on my blog. And I absolutely did not forget my log in (or even which email I used) and have to create a whole new blog!

So anyways, I have NOT spent the last week constantly refreshing my twitter updates to check for the latest on Stellan. I also did not update my facebook status every day with Stellan news and links to MckMama’s blog so all my friends could become addicted as well. Like many others, I also did not start following others on twitter and other bloggers who were praying for Stellan.

I did not ask my husband to help me think of a way to spell Stellan with our four dogs and I did not tell my husband more stories about Stellan and his MckMama than I did about anything else this week! No way! By the way, I also did not start a campaign to convince my husband of the benefits of cloth diapering after reading MckMama’s post a few weeks ago – (I also did not spend the next two hours doing research instead of homework before I launched this campaign)!

Finally, I did not pray every day not only for little MckMiracle but also for MckMama and her incredible strength – and hope that I have half the strength, humor and reliance on God that she has shown this week! Not me, no way!